Marti Ladd

I'm thrilled you’ve come to visit a showcase of work I’ve compiled over 35 years, 

which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and personal projects.

Take a look and feel free to get in touch if you’d like.


Publicist & Wrangler


CD Design  -  Graphic Art

Editorial  -  Photography

Archival Curation

for Arlo Guthrie

Arlo's Character Voice Demo

2019 Mermaid Parade- Coney Island, NY

King Neptune and The Mother of Pearl aka Bubbles


Director, Marc Meyers stayed as a guest, and 16 years later ...chose the 'Wild Rose Inn' as a location for scenes in his 2016 film "How He Fell In Love".

Marti Ladd appears in a cameo role as "Wild Rose, The Innkeeper"



"Little Hollywood" Micco, FL

on the Treasure Coast

Single Family Home
 Remodel  -  Landscape Design  - Staging



The Wild Rose Inn

Woodstock, NY

1898 Victorian  luxury Bed & Breakfast

Design - Renovation -Staging

The Ballad of the Wild Rose

Written by Tom Pacheco


Performed by:

Steinar Albrightsen

Monika Nordli

Andy Nessblaum



Cassandra Wilson Residence  - Woodstock, NY

Design - Construction - Home Staging

Elizabeth Kemp was an American actress and acting coach.

From 2012-2017 we c0-created a dream workshop experience in Woodstock, NY where students lived together and worked her process.

Elizabeth Kemp 

November 5, 1958 ~ September 1, 2017


The Recipe Deck Series

First published by Boston Warehouse Trading Corp.
Second publishing for Barnes & Noble. 250,000 sold

Product Design

1992 - 'Mr. Saturday Night' 

Before internet and digital photography production designers relied on photographic research to build their Hollywood sets, coordinate costuming and casting. Panorama's were created by arraying/stapling the snapshots onto paper office folders.

For this Billy Crystal project,

I worked for Albert Brenner,

Production Designer on the

vintage Catskill Mountain

'Borscht Belt' hotel scenes.

1986-1992    Special Event Design

1985 - Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Los Angeles CA

Costume design - Pinocchio

(spot) - 5:23 to 6:40

1984 - 'Bud Light' - Gimme a Light - commercial

Costume design - Dogs

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